Creagh College - An Inclusive College

Creagh College is an inclusive College. Pupils of all abilities and from every background are welcome here and will be provided for and cared for equally. We expect our students to achieve excellence and our team of dedicated and experienced teachers demonstrate their extraordinary commitment to this on a daily basis.

I am most grateful to them for the manner in which they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to get the College up and running - especially during the busy move to our fabulous new facility in April 2014.

Creagh College implemented the use of 1:1 iPads with first year students in September 2014. All first year students use their iPads to replace textbooks, and enhance their learning experience.

Back To School Dates August/September 2015

Monday 31st August - First year students begin
Tuesday 1st September - First and Third year students
Wednesday 2nd September - First, Second, Third and Fifth year students
Monday 7th September - TY students begin

iPad Online Stores

Please use the link below to access our online store for iPads, eBooks and related services:

Paul Glynn | Creagh College Principal