Creagh College - An Inclusive College

Creagh College is an inclusive College. Pupils of all abilities and from every background are welcome here and will be provided for and cared for equally. We expect our students to achieve excellence and our team of dedicated and experienced teachers demonstrate their extraordinary commitment to this on a daily basis.

Calling All Parents - it’s time to have your say!

Creagh College is currently undertaking a review of its Code of Positive Behaviour – this is a set of the practices, rules and procedures that help students in the school behave well and learn well. We are asking all staff members, students and parents to have their say in how we develop a new/revised code by answering a short online questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire here. This is your opportunity to have an input into the rules of our college for the future. Thank you for taking the time to inform our policies.

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Paul Glynn | Creagh College Principal

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